Check Fixtures

At D&F Corporation we build a wide variety of checking fixtures for our customers, such as:

  • CMM1SM
  • Full Attribute with Flush Feeler Rails
  • S.P.C. Fixtures
  • Vibration Test Fixtures
  • Photometric Test Fixtures
  • In-Process Check Fixtures
  • Reflex Test Fixtures
  • Environmental Check Fixtures
  • Automated and Semi-Automated Check Fixtures2CFjpg
  • Water Jet Fixtures
  • Cooling Nest Fixtures
  • Weld Fixtures

D&F Corporation is also ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited for CMM dimensional inspection services, for check fixtures, models, molds, secondary tooling, part checks, page R&R’s and third party certification.

D&F Corporation has five CMM Machines to handle any size product, along with six CNC Cutting Machines which can fit your CNC cutting needs.

D&F also has a highly trained staff of fixture builders which includes a combination of CAD/CAM technologies, capable of CNC programming and design.